Stacking Income Streams 

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An entrepreneur who has built over 60 income streams through business acquisitions, real estate & more 


To arm other entrepreneurs with ideas, tools & strategies stack multiple streams of passive income


Everyone deserves sleep well at night with the freedom to do what you want, when you want, with people you love

Who is Brian Beers? 

I am an entrepreneur, investor, podcast host & father.

I grew my small family franchised auto repair business into an enterprise with ~30 locations.

I'm on a mission to teach other entrepreneurs everything I know about growing a business and creating passive income through investments outside of Wall Street. 

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Stacking Income Streams

A newsletter delivering ideas, guides & tactical strategies to stack multiple streams of income through business acquisitions, real estate investing, alternative investing, stock options & much more.

If you are happy with 1-2 income streams please don't subscribe