How to Create Passive Income from an Amazon Store with Will Basta

Season #1 Episode #69

This week we’ve got an amazing show with Will Basta, a co-founder of Ascend Ecom. Ascend helps clients launch, operate, and scale profitable Amazon and Walmart 3rd party stores. 

Have you ever thought of owning an Amazon ecommerce store as a passive cash-flowing investment? 

That is exactly what Ascend helps make possible. In this episode you will learn about how you can start up a store then hand off almost 100% of the management. Ascend’s team of over 400 employees will source products for you, get them listed & sent to Amazon, handle customer service and more. 

They are still in start-up mode and growing quickly. In 2021 they did over $30 million in revenue for their 250 clients. Super impressive business! 

After recording this podcast Will has generously offered a $1,000 discount to any Business with Beers listeners who mention this podcast when they reach out to learn more. 

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